About Us

Mind Beauty Value was conceived by the freelance makeup artist, Verline, of Makeup By Vee. The idea for the brand came while she was preparing for another wedding and trying to order touch up lip products that would be covid compliant safe. Yet still within a reasonable color family and not filled with colors that she would never use. Inevitably causing her to waste money on products that would never be used. So she set out on the path to creating Mind Beauty value. Where we respect our Minds via words and sayings of affirmation which are boldly printed on our appearal merchandise, for all to wear proudly. Admire our Beauty via our beauty products. We know our Value and want all our customers to experience this through our value products.

Our mission is to bring convenience and ease to the touch up process. No more scrummaging through our bags to find the lippie we brought with us from our vanity at home. Or losing our gloss in the seemingly abyss that is the bottom of our purse or bag no matter how big or small it is. From our keychain lippies to our lippie collection Value Vaults MBV has got you covered.

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